Clause No and Clause


(a) The name of Association shall be ‘All India Retired Insurance Employs’ Federation hereinafter referred to as the Federation’.

(b) The Registered Headquarters of the Federation shall be at Hyderabad.

(c) Functional Headquarters shall be at such a place where the General Secretary is located.


(a) The Federation shall be Central Body at All India Level, of its affiliated Associations of Retried Public Sector Insurance Employees.

‘Retired Public Sector Insurance Employees’ shall mean the retired employees-irrespective of the class/cadre they belonged to – of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC); General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC); General Insurance public Sector Association (GIPSA) and the four GIPSA associated Nationalized General Insurance Companies namely oriental Insurance Company Ltd; National Insurance Companies namely Oriental Insurance Company Ltd; National Insurance Company Ltd; New India Assurance Company Ltd; and United India Insurance Company Ltd; (Associated Companies) hereinafter referred to as ‘Retired Insurance Employees’

(b) The affiliated Associations shall amend their Bye-Laws to be able to enroll the retired employees of the GIC, GIPSA and Associated companies as their members.

(c) The Federation shall be as independent body not affiliated to any in service organization of LIC, GIC, GIPSA and /or Associated Companies’ employees or to any Central trade Union or to any political party.

III. - AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The aims and objectives of the Federation shall be :

(a) To organize the whole body of Retired insurance Employees and foster a spirit of Co-operation, fellow feeling and spirit de corps among them.

(b) To Co-ordinate and guide the activities of Retired Insurance Employees’ Associations affiliated to the Federation.

(c) To strive for improvement in retirement benefits of Retired Insurance Employees.

(d) To bring in amelioration of Economic, health, social and cultural conditions of the Retired Insurance Employees.

(e) To establish liaison or associate with any institution with similar aims & objectives that may help for promoting the interests of the members.

(f) To raise funds by collection of fees, donations, subscriptions, charges and the like in cash or kind.

(g) To form or assist in formation of co-operative housing, credit or consumers’ societies, libraries, guest houses, clubs, educational institutions and old age homes.

(h) To provide funds to the needy or distressed members belonging to the affiliated associations in cases such as sickness, accident, arrest, detention and death subject to recommendation of the affiliated association concerned.

(i) To bring out a periodical magazine regarding the Federation and on subjects of interest to the Retired Insurance Employees.

(j) To apprise the members of the changes in the Insurance sector.

(k) To encourage and motivated members to act as Consultants/ Advisors for the growth of Insurance Industry based on their past experience, individually or in group.

To encourage & promote study groups for social issues like old age diseases, health care, preservation of value systems etc. with a view to keep members socially relevant and for continuity of their quality life.


(a) Membership of the Federation shall be by direct affiliation of Associations formed by Retired Insurance Employees at a LIC Divisional Centre & within its territorial jurisdiction, provided :

(1) That the South Central Zone Retired LIC Employees.’ Association, Hyderabad, though a Zonal Association but since affiliated may continue as such but it will be treated as one affiliated Association for all purposes;

(2) That the Associations at LIC Divisional Centers now represented through South Central Zone Retired LIC Employees.’ Association Hyderabad, will be entitled to seek direct affiliation with the Federation;

(3) That the Associations formed at some Branch / Divisional Centers having their byelaws and membership not less than 25 may also be treated as separate unit For Affiliation.

(b) Affiliation shall be granted by the Federation and The Executive Committee shall have the authority to accept or reject an application. The General Secretary may grant affiliation provisionally and subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.

(c) An Association seeking affiliation with the Federation shall satisfgy the following conditions:

(1) It declares and agrees to abide by the aims and objects, Bye-laws, Rules and s\decisions of the Federation;

(2) It shall make an application on the prescribed form for the purpose along with the prescribed admission fee;

(3) It shall send a copy of its Bye-Laws, a list of its office bearers with their postal addresses, a copy of the duly audited statement of accounts for the official year preceding the date of application for affiliation and the membership for that period;

(4) It shall agree to pay an annual fee on the basis of its membership and such special levies as may be decided under these Bye-Laws.

(d) The Executive Committee of the Federation shall have the right of intervention / giving directions to the affiliated Association in the interest of the organization and such directions shall be binding on the affiliated Association subject to a notice having been issued to the concerned Association where required and an opportunity having been given to the Association of being heard.

(e) The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend affiliated of any Association which in its opinion is guilty of any breach of any Federation Bye-Laws / constitution or failure to comply with any decision of the Executive Committee provided however it shall be necessary for the Executive Committee to place its decision in this respect to the General council of the Federation to affirm or set aside such suspension.

(f) Honorary Members : The General council may elect any person/persons who is/are in agreement with the aims and objectives of the Federation Honorary Member/Membership shall be exempt from payment of all fees but shall be entitled to all rights and privileges available to delegates to the General council.

(g) Patrons : The Executive Committee may acknowledge person/persons who contribute for the program of the Federation, as patrons. Patrons shall not have voting rights.

V - FEES :

(a) The affiliates Associations shall pay on annual fee and such special Levies as may be called for under these Bye- Laws. Each affiliated Association shall pay to the Federation the following amounts as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time:-

(1) An admission fee prescribed at the time of admission.

(2) An annual fee prescribed per members on their total membership for the year as on 31st March immediately thereafter but not later than 30th September.

(3) A delegate fee prescribed per delegate to the General Council.

(4) Such other Levies/Donations as may be fixed and called for by the Executive Committee of the Federation.

(b) Non-Payment of annual fees and delegate fees shall disqualify the defaulting Association from voting in any meeting of the Federation

(c) An affiliated Association when disqualified for non-payment may be re-affiliated on payment of all arrears and current year’s fees together within additional fees prescribed and such other special Levies as may be imposed by the Executive. Committee under these Bye-Laws.

(d) The Executive Committee, at its discretion may condone levies, or other penalties, full or part arrears of annual fees provided a written representation explaining the reasons for such default is made by the concerned Association for the purpose. This discretion shall be exercised by the Executive Committee only once and under compelling and serious conditions under which the Association was placed leading to the default.


The official year of the Federation for all accounting purposes shall be the Financial accounting purposes shall be the Financial year i.e. from 1st April to 31st March of the next calendar year. The Federation shall maintain a register of membership with names, addresses and such other particulars as may be considered necessary, in respect of each affiliated Association recoded therein.

The register shall be open for inspection by any office bearer or authorized representatives of member Association on any day during normal office normal office hours of the Federation with previous notice to the General Secretary.

VII - BODY CONSTITUTION: The Federation shall consist of :-

(a) The Affiliated Association : There may be only one or more affiliated Association with in the jurisdiction

The retired Insurance Employees of LIC Central office, Zonal offices and internal Audit offices may become member of any affiliated Association of their choice and convenience of their locations.

(b) The General Council : It shall be the Supreme Body of the Federation and shall consist of delegates elected by the affiliated Association for the General Conference of the Federation and existing Honorary Members it any.

Each affiliated Association shall elect one delegate for every block of 50 members or part not less than 25 there of subject to minimum of one delegate.

(c) The Executive Committee: It shall consist of office-bearers and members elected by the General Council to manage the affairs of the Federation.

(d) Zonal Council: There shall be a zonal council for each of the LIC zonal centers. All office-bearers and members of the Executive Committee of the Federation in the zone shall consist of its members. The office-bearer/Executive Committee member of the Federation at the zonal Head Quarters shall be the convener of the zonal council. The zonal council shall take up the cases of affiliated Association with the zonal office for their redressed; shall take steps to establish and develop Association at LIC Division centers where there is no Association; shall render necessary help and assistance to the affiliated Association wherever called upon to do so and shall carry out such other functions as the General Secretary may direct it to. The Zonal coin clime seeks assistance of any member of any affiliated Association in the zone depending upon the nature and circumstances of the job at hand.

The expenses incurred by the zonal councils in discharge of their functions will be met with by Federation by parting with. such part of the annual fee paid by the affiliated Association of the zone concerned as may be decided by the Executive committee, to them.


(1) The General Council cum Conference of the Federation will be held once in two years by the end of June normally but not later than November of the concerned year at a place as may be the Executive Committee to transact the following business The interval between two consecutive General councils shall not be more than two years :-

(a) To consider and adopt the report of the Executive committee and the Audited statement of accounts.

(b) To appoint an Honorary Auditor or a firm of Auditors to audit the Accounts and to approve payment of scheduled fees wherever necessary.

(c) To consider any other subject or resolution as may be referred to it by the Executive Committee or raised by any delegate; provided at least 15 day’s prior notice is given to the General Secretary.

(d) To amend, alter; rescind any of the Bye-Laws notice of which has been received by the Executive Committee at least 15 days before the conference.

(e) To elect, if necessary, Honorary Members subject to their prior consent and acknowledge persons as patrons.

(f) To elect office-bearers and members of the Executive Committee.

(g) To consider any other matter rose with the permission of the chair.

(2) Special Meetings : Special meeting of the General Council May be called by the Exdc utive Committee whenever deemed necesssary or on a requisition by not less than 1/3 of totak number of delegates with a notice of one month. The requisition must contain all the resolutions desired to be considered by such a meeting. If the General Secretary fails to convene the requisitioned special meeting within 30 days on receipt of the requistion, the requistion may elect a convenor who shall have the authoority to convene the same subject to the provisons of these Bye-Laws to transact only the matters specified in the requisition.

(3) Notice Period : At least 30 days notice shall be necessary for the General Council meeting. In case of emergency 15 days notice shall suffice.

(4) Executive Committee Meetings : The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year. The EC meeting expenses will be born by the Federation.

(5) Quorum For the Meetings : The Quorum at a meeting of the General Council shall be 1/5th of the eligible strenght of the delegates and at a meeting of the Executive Committee, 1/3rd of its members. Inspite of sufficent notice given in advance, in case the requisite number are not present or could not be present for any reason, the meeting shall be adjourned for a period of two hours. Thereafte the adjourned meeting shall proceed to consider the agenda and take decisions. These decisiobs shall be deemed to be those of a full fledged General Council and / or Executive Committee.

(6) Voting :

(A) All decisions of the Federation Shall be made by a simple majority of votes except as specifically provided for herein. All vothing shall be by show of hands but it shall be by ballot if so demanded by 1/3 of the mebers present.

(B) The president shall have a casting vote in case of a tie.


(1) The Executive committee shall consist of chairman (honorary Member) And 45 other elected members as follows : -

(a) President

(b) 8 vice President (one from each LIC Zone )

(c) General Secretary

(d) Treasurer

(e) Two Deputy General Secretaries as may be proposed/suggested by the General Secretary.

(f) 8 Joint Secretaries (one from each LIC Zone) and one at the functional HQ of the General Secretary.

(g) 24 members (3 from each LIC Zone) To create one post of working President earmarked for Mumbai Unit. One of the Zonal Posts shall be from the Zonal HQ and the person so elected shall be Ex-officio Convenor of the zonal council.

(2) Resignation or Vacancy :

(a) Any member of the Executive Committee absenting himself from 3 consecutive meetings of the committee without obtaining leave of absence, shall ipso facto cease to be a member.

(b) Resignation from the Executive Committee shall be in writing and addressed to the General Secretary.

(c) In case of resignation of an office bearer, the resigning office- bearer shall be requried to give ordinarily at least one month’s prior notice and to hand over the charge of the office held to such person, as may be directed by the General Secreatry.

(d) In case of a vacancy arising on account of the above mentioned or any other contingency, The Executive committee shall have the power, to co-opt a member to fill up the vacancy in cousultation with the Association/s of the concerned zone where the vacancy arises. The co-option can be done at the meeting of the Executive Committee held subsequent to such vacancy arising.

(3) The Executive Committee shall have the following powers and functions :

(a) To manage, conduct, and regulate the business of the Federation, including prescribing admission fee, annual fee, delegate fee and levies, donations and share of annual fee to the zonal councils from time to time as per necessities.

(b) To take proper steps to implement the decisions of the General council.

(c) To appoint a Negotiating Committee comprising of the chairman, President, General Secretary, one Dy.General Secretary and one representative from each of 7 zones of LIC to conduct the negotiations with LIC,GIC, GIPSA, any one or more of the associated companies or the Finance Ministry Govt. of India, as hen called upon to.

(d) To co-optas per recommendation of the affillated Association requisite no. of delegates to the General council in case of new affillation granteed or to tfill up a vacancy.

(e) To appoint on remuneration and allowance such person /persons as are nrcessary for the purpose of managing the affairs of the Federation.

(f) To deaal with the moneys of the Federation in such a manner as may be deemed fit from time to time including investing, buying, selling or otherwise acquire or dispose of the securities and investments.

(g) To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise land or propoety on such terms & conditions as may be considered expendient.

(h) To frame Bye-Lawa on which basis the Federation shall function, which shall be approved by the General before implementation.

(i) To endeavourer to further the aims and objectives of the Federation by all legitimate peaceful and democratic methods.

(4) Office Bearers :

(a) Chairman : The chairnab of the Federation shall be elected out of the Honorary Members of the Fedration. The Chairnabn shall be an eminent person whose function shall be to maintain liaison with the Government, the concerneed Ministry and with the top Management of public Sector Insurance Institutions.

(b) President : President of the Federation shall preside over all the meetings of the Federation including its committees and sign all the minutes and shall have a casting vote.

(c) Vice-Presidents : in the absence of the president one of the Vice- President shall discharge the functions of the president.

(d) General Secretary : The General Secreatary Shall be the chief Executive of the Federation. He shaall be responsible for the proper discharage and execution of the decisions of the Executive Committee and/or General Council and shall exercise general control and supervision over the affairs of the Federation. He shall maintain the minutes books of all the meeetings of the Federation to be read and confirmed at the next meeting and signed by the Presideent of that meeting. He shall conduct all correspondence, interviews and negotuons etc. He shall be assisted by the Treasurer to maintain the accounts of the Federation in proper order and present the audited statement of accounts to the Executive committee. He shall also scrutinise and pass all bills and /or vouchers except his own bills which shall be passed by the president, for any expenses incurred and place them in the immediate next meeting of Exectuive Committee. He shall convene a special meeting of the General council of Executive Committee if the receives a requisition for such a meting as laid down under these Bye-Laws.

(e) Deputy General Secretarie : The Deputy General Secretaries shall attend to the liasion and public relations works to be under taken at LIC,GIC,GIPSA and anyone or more of the Associated Companies and Government level and work in colse liaison with the General Secretary.

(f) Joint Secretaries : The Joint Secretaries shall assist the General Secretary in the discharge of his functions. In the absence of the General Secretary the Joint Secretary at the Head Quarters of the Federation shall act as the General Secretary.

(g) Treasurer : The treasurer shall be responsible for all sums of money received by the Federation and maintenance of the Bank Accounts. He shall make payments sanctioned by the General Secretary and the President and shall maintain all accounts of receipts and expenses of the Federation. He shall prepare an annual Budget and report to the Executive Committee the position income and Expenditure, whenever it meets. He shall be responsible for preparation of annual accounts and get them audited and present the audited statement of accounts to the Executive Committee. The Accounts Books shall be open for inspection by members of the Executive committee/ General council during normal office hours of the Federation for which advance notice has been received.


(a) The General Funds of the Federation shall consist of Annual Fees, Delegate fees, Affiliation Fees, Levies, Donations, Profit and interest earned on deposits and investments and receipts of like nature.

(b) The accounts and/or term deposits of the Federation shall be kept in Nationalized Bank only. All collections shall be deposited in the Bank to the credit of the Federation. The Bank account shall be operated jointly by Treasure along with any one of General Secretary and Jt. Secretary at the Head Quarters.

(c) The funds of the Federation shall be spent for the purposes which will promote the objects of the Federation set down in these Bye-lows, subject to however to the provisions of any law for the time being and payment of expenses of administration, salaries, allowances, honorarium etc. For the proper management.

(d) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for projection and proper management of funds, properties and assets of the Federation. It shall deal with any matter concerning the Funds and consider, decide and pass a resolution to be implemented by the General Secretary on its behalf.

XI - AMENDMENTS TO BYE-LAWS : These Bye-Laws may be amended, altered, Rescinded or added at any time by a majority of 2/3 of the delegates Present in the General Council or in a special meeting of the General Council called for the purpose.

XII - MISCELLANEOUS : No notice expressing want of confidence can be tabled Unless supported by a minimum number equivalent to 1/ 4 of the members present. In such meeting, such a motion intimating lack of confidence can be valid only when 2 /3 majority of the members present and eligible for voting obtained.

XIII - DISSOLUTION : The General Council shall have full power to dissolve the Federation with the consent of 3 /4 of the total number of delegates present in the meeting called for the purpose. The disposal of Assets and Liabilities of the Federation when dissolved, shall be made as may be decided in that very meeting of the Federation.

XIV - In all instances and cases not covered by these Bye-Laws the Executive committee’s decision will operate till the next meeting of the General Council gives its decision.

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